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A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor
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A Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Team Sponsor

2016 Memberships
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   Welcome to The Gaggle of Noobs Fund Raising Group of Teams Web Site. We are based in Winchester, VA, and have members from all over the country, but mainly in the Virginia, West Virginia Panhandle area. We started as an online community playing first person shooter games, then expanded to playing paintball, which turned into laser tag, flag football, basketball, and almost anything else our members want to do.

   The Gaggle of Noobs in Winchester is a direct offshoot of a group created by a bunch of co-workers that was named "The Tip Of The Spear Network", or "The T.O.T.S. Network", or just "T.O.T.S.". The group was nothing more than a fun thing to do, and it really had no other reason to be, other than to be a group at all. The name sprang from an interaction between Mike and a Manager at the time. Mike was asked "What exactly are you doing right now?", when it appeared he was simply standing around doing nothing. Mike gave the answer "I'm standing here, appearing to do nothing, when in fact, I am the Tip of The Spear.", as the Manager rolled his eyes, Mike continued "If anything happens, I am here, ready to take care of it. By appearing to be doing nothing, I have created the perfect cover."

   We started off wanting to make money to be able to play paintball cheaper. We tried tee-shirts, and stickers, and magnets, and all kinds of other things, and more often than not, we lost money, and it ended up just costs a few of us, a lot of money. Over time, Mike decided to just raise money for charities, since it made more sense to give money to those that were less fortunate, then to give money to those that simply did not want to spend their own. It made things easier in the long run, while trying to increase membership for the Gaggle of Noobs.

   Instead of just looking for paintball players to join, Mike decide to get anyone within earshot to join the Gaggle and that income revenue, would be used to support various charities, instead of supporting the cheapskates that typically were the paintball players on the team. Giving the players a chance to also raise money for their use to play paintball, the idea was still about raising money for charities.

   Over the years the team has grown from less than 50 players in 2014 to 200 in 2015 to over 300 so far in 2016. The Scenario Team player's portion of the money raised in 2016 exceeds $3,000 and another $3,000 was earmarked to charities. However, Mike was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in January of 2016 and donate back his portion of the Scenario Team Funds ($2,520) for the Gaggle charities. Combined with other donations directly for the charities, we have so far raised over $6,000 in 2016.

   The end of the Gaggle as it has been for the past few years, is getting close. Mike is working on making sure the Gaggle has every possible chance to outlive him. He has looked within the Gaggle itself and no one seems interested, or believes they are capable of keeping it together and moving forward. Sometimes people can't see the deeper meaning in things, including themselves, and miss golden opportunities to achieve beyond what they thought was possible. The world has to keep spinning.

   Thanks to Skyline Paintball and Laser Tag for all the help, support and friendship they have offered to The Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team in the past, and for all they will do in the future. Sue, Chris and their entire staff have always treated the members of the Gaggle with incredible friendship. Without their support, The Gaggle of Noobs would have been just any other group that came, and went without leaving a mark. Hopefully we have left a mark.


D. B. Cooper

Status of our 2016 Memberships:
We have raised $11,921 and have paid out $10,017 since January 01, 2016!
Have you joined? If not, now is a good time to do it.

Hunter T. Crane Foundation Gaggle Group    Mike is a long time friend of Tina Crane, the mother of Hunter T. Crane. A young man that lost his life too young, but his own legacy grows bigger with each passing year. Mike has decided The Gaggle of Noobs will support the Hunter T. Crane Foundation and encourages more people to JOIN The Gaggle and get on the Hunter T. Crane Gaggle Group to help The Gaggle, help them, help others. Total cost is still only $25 for the year, with $23 going directly to the foundation.

   IF you are already a Gaggle of Noobs Member or Supporter, remember for only $10 you can become a member of the Hunter T. Crane Gaggle Group and $9 goes right to the foundation. The other amount goes to pay for the making of the cards. Mike's goal is at least $500. We all know what that actually means. He really wants to get $1,000 so you might as well join early and encourage others to do the same.

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