The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team has undergone some transitions recently, and we will continue to evolve as time passes. Right now our number one priority is the formation of a non-profit foundation that will be the main engine of our fund raising efforts. As a non-profit foundation we will be able to do so much more, offer tax deductible opportunities, form partnerships with local businesses, and help more kids then we have ever been able to in the past. We will also find new avenues to help even more of our community in untold ways in the coming years.

   During the ramping up towards forming the non-profit foundation, we will be selling memberships to "The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs" as we already have done, and we will be asking for YOUR ideas on ways to raise money both on the paintball fields and laser tag arenas. We are also open to any and every other idea you have that will help us raise the money we hope to raise for the benefit of local Winchester / Frederick County children and families.

   With your help, of course, it is MY desire or hope to reach a goal of 100 members of the "2017 Skyline Gaggle of Noobs", by the end of January, 2017. This will give us the needed breathing room to complete the foundation setup phase, and to start the hard work of raising enough money in the remaining months of 2017 to at least meet our goal of 100-150 bikes/ride-on toys and helmets for our "Bikes for Tykes" Winchester effort.

   On a side note, Mike March (Me) will most likely not see much of this year due to the terminal lung cancer he is battling. He has beat cancer twice before, but this time, he can put up a fight, but he knows who the winner will be. So he is not only fighting lung cancer, he is fighting time.

   He will be working on the site, the concept, the Foundation, and working on staying positive and busy. Mike hopes when his time does come, he leaves more than bad jokes, and a collection of bobbleheads behind. He wants to leave a non-profit foundation that will be close to, if not actually up and running so he can close his eyes and know his hard work the last few years of his life was not a total waste of time, or effort.

   Anyone that wants to help recruit new members, or find people willing to donate to our efforts, is more than welcomed to step up and help. Normally Mike March is out there bringing in the members, but he is busy this year with his health issues. So anyone that wants to pitch in, please, please, PLEASE stand up and be counted.

Please consider joining The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs! Encourage your friends and family to join. It is only $20 for a full year, and almost all of that goes to buying the bikes and ride-on toys we are known for at the Christmas Holiday Season.

2013 Toys For Tots
25 Bikes

2014 Toys For Tots
53 Bikes

2015 Toys For Tots
100 Bikes

2016 Toys For Tots
122 Bikes

2017 Skyline Gaggle Of Noobs Members
# Name
001 Michael March
002 Tammy March
003 Frances Luttrell
004 Chantal Balash
005 Matthew Robey
006 Lee Snapp
007 Richard Kurzenknabe
008 Mark Baker
009 Carmen Windsor
010 Erin March
011 Larry March
012 Christine Baker
013 Lauren Baker
014 Christopher Baker
015 Patrick Baker
016 Emily Baker
017 Diane Livingston
018 Tony Baker
019 Chris Durant
020 Patty Rinard
021 Michelle Garrison
022 Brad Hodgson
023 Symantha Zeimet
024 Tina Hinkle Davis
025 Jennie Shanholtz
# Name
026 Tamaisha Hairston
027 Michelle Fick
028 Kristina Hebb-Arnold
029 Sherry Hindman
030 Cody Hackworth
031 Karri Bicksler
032 Mark Taylor
033 Maryann Reynolds
034 Janet Durant
035 Allen Welsh
036 Ann Zuckerman
037 Jill McDunn
038 Mary Jones
039 Tehron Jacobs
040 Robert Collins
041 Joe Doherty
042 Diane Stump
043 Todd Harshbarger
044 Lynnsey Harshbarger
045 Tom Thomas
046 Melissa Ryan
047 Sarah Ryan
048 Joe Patton
049 Tina Crane
050 Derek Crane
# Name
051 Kaitlyn Crane
052 Ryan Funkhouser
053 Rhonda Holtschneider
054 Kaleb Conner
055 Josh West
056 Amanda West
057 Joseph Dewald
058 John O'Leary
059 Harriet Gustafson
060 Megann Wither
061 Ross Wither
062 Fitz Wither
063 Logan Wither
064 Jerett Burton
065 Courtney Burton
066 Wayne Godlove
067 Kathi Godlove
068 Shawna Neal
069 Jenn Maute
069 Trevor Gloyd
070 Patricia Maute
072 Christopher March
073 Nick Silvester
074 Jonathan Silvester
075 Katie Bragg
# Name
076 Candace Boese
077 Charles Crawmer
078 Grace Crawmer
079 Paula Greaser-Hayes
080 Sarah Lawson
081 Miles Pierce
082 Jared Snyder
083 Karla Edwards
084 Susan Billhimer
085 Jim Moyer
086 Fay Dutton
087 Bob Maher
088 Alan Cooke
089 Timothy Landis
090 Carrie Akers
091 Chrissy McPherson
092 Your Name Here
093 Your Name Here
094 Your Name Here
095 Your Name Here
096 Your Name Here
097 Your Name Here
098 Your Name Here
099 Your Name Here
100 Your Name Here

If you know Mike March and have an account at NFCU, contact him directly for the chance to just do a Member to Member transfer and save the PayPal charges. IF you are not a member of Navy Federal Credit Union - WHY NOT? and you should join and then contact Mike to make a M2M transfer. But really, you're not a member of Navy Federal? The biggest Credit Union in the WORLD. It's that thing we live on that spins, you should join NFCU.

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"The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs" - Founded: July 3, 2016
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