Bobby Dukes Day III
April 22, 2017

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   This is a "Big Game" held at Skyline Paintball in Strasburg to celebrate the career of "Bobby Dukes". The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team created this event back in 2013 as a Gaggle Team Event only. With the final game being "The World vs The Gaggle" held at the Castle Field.

NOTE: The Gaggle has never won a game against "The World".

   The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs is the fund raising team for Skyline Paintball and Laser Tag and their main mission is to raise money for the 'Winchester, Frederick County VA's Bikes For Tykes Campaign'. This is a charity created and run by the Skyline Gaggle Fund Raising Team, with the stated goal of buying at least 200 bikes for the 2017 Christmas season. The team has bought 300 bikes over the past 4 years for the "Toys for Tots" Campaign, but the team wanted to make a more local, charity to help underprivileged kids at Christmas Time. That is why we came up with the "Winchester / Frederick County, VA Bikes for Tykes" charity so there wouldn't be any misunderstandings as to where the money would be spent.

   The Skyline Paintball's Bobby Dukes Day III will have games such as the "Eddie Reynolds Still Lethal Game" where you are only out, if you take a head shot, a shot to the chest or if you are hit in the trigger finger hand. Which we all know makes you no longer lethal, and you are out! There is also a game we call "Wipe Until Caught", which is exactly what it says. You stay in the game until you are shot, and a ref sees it. Until a ref sees you get shot, you are still in the game. This is what cost Bobby Dukes 10 years of his life in exile from the Paintball World.

   There are other styles of games and events during the day. As with all of the previous Bobby Dukes Days, the day will end with "The World vs The Gaggle" at the Castle field. This allows anyone that is at Skyline Paintball to enter the game on the World Side. This game always ends the Bobby Dukes Day Event, and since there is actually no deciding game, the event ends with both teams just having had a great time.

   We are raising money to support the local youth that just needs to know there are a lot of people that care about them, and care about our community. The Skyline Gaggle has raised and donated well over $30,000 during the previous 5 years of our existence. We hope our work for the community will continue for many years to come, and with YOUR help, we will.

   More information will be added as we get it in. But get ready, Bobby Dukes is back!

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