Our 2016 Charitable Giving (So Far)

I have been looking over how we are doing this year, and right now, we are doing good.  Very good I would suggest.

While the 2016 Gaggle of Noobs was to be about getting the Scenario Team out in the Fields and spreading the word and raising money, and having fun, that has been turned upside down due to my own health issues.  However, that did not stop me from recruiting members and supporters.

What that did help us with, however, is an ability to redirect the funds set aside to help run the team itself.  I have added back to the Charitable section of the Gaggle anything I would have been given to be on the team, and anything that would have been used to keep the web sites up and all the other  minutia.

Our total funds raised add up to: $11, 921

Our total funds paid out add up to: $10,017

My approach to the 2016 Toys For Tots Campaign was also going to be different.  Since we earmarked 10 charities in the area, and wanted to send them monthly checks, all of the organization was based on supporting them, and then holding a raffle or two to support Toys For Tots at the end of the year.  That all changed with my health.  I sent all 10 of our monthly charities the full amount, instead of a single check each year.  We also collected another $1,000 for the Bricks at the Winchester Cancer Center.

So we have collected a lot of money, and nearly all of it, has gone right to our charities.  Which is what this is really about.  And now the push is on to hit a total of 300 bikes and helmets bought by the Gaggle of Noobs for Toys for Tots over the past 3 years.

If there is a legacy of the Gaggle of Noobs under my leadership, I want our good work to speak for the team.



P.S. – 80 more members/supporters is needed.  Friends, Family, Co-Workers.  It is not about playing Gaggle Games, it is about raising money by simply being a member.  Please join the Gaggle of Noobs.


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