Toys For Tots: Building The Bikes

We have all of our 2016 Toys For Tots bikes and ride on toys at the Skyline Laser Tag Warehouse in Winchester, and will be looking for some help to put about 50 of them together.  Maybe a few more than 50, but we are NOT putting the stickers on all of the Ride On toys.  We will let the parents have that fun for themselves.

If we can get about 5-10 folks to help with this effort, it will only take an hour or two at the most.  The hardest part of putting these things together is unpacking them.  Once they are unpacked, each bike normally only takes about 2-3 minutes to put together.  And the weather is still not too hot, or too cool to make it miserable.

So, we will be need volunteers.  I am thinking around October 8, which is a Saturday.

What I would really suggest is for folks with kids to just bring the kids to play some laser tag while mom and dad are helping put some bikes together.  Just a thought… just a thought.

Mike “Serrecko”

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