Renew or Join The Skyline Gaggle

If you wish to Renew your Gaggle of Noobs Membership or join for the very first time, follow this link:

Renew or Join: Membership Link

You can even purchase a Gaggle Tee-Shirt at that link to, with proceeds going to local Winchester Area charities.

There is only one type of membership for 2017, and the cost is only $20 for the year, and you get the discounts and everything else that comes with being a Skyline Gaggle of Noobs Member.

Remember, the cost of your membership is used as The Gaggle’s primary means to raise money for the local area charities we support. So, even if you have no intention of ever playing paintball or laser tag or anything else, that doesn’t stop you from joining and getting a membership card. Your fees STILL is useful to our fundraising efforts and really does help us make a difference in our local community.

Thank You,
Mike “Serrecko” March

Co-Founder and Leader Emeritus of
The Skyline Gaggle Of Noobs
The Fundraising Team of Skyline Paintball

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