The Gaggle Cathouse

This is another new idea and this one came from Symantha Zemiet. After we started the Gaggle K9 Unit, she requested a Cathouse for the Gaggle. Symantha is not only a Leader among our Members, she is a cat owner. Needless to say, if it helps raise money for a charity, we almost just need to do it. So we have.

Anyone that has a cat or two, or even three or more, can get an Cathouse ID card for them. The cost is the same as the Gaggle K9 Unit, which is only $15 per card, and $10 from that goes to a cat specific charity which we are still investigating.

So, take pictures of your cats, and start helping us raise money for another worthy cause that all cat owners can get behind. Spread the word, the Gaggle Of Noobs is helping others, while also having a good time.

2016 Cathouse Membership(s)