Christopher "Lt. Basham" Basham
On Field Leader

   Hello!, My name is Christopher Basham, or as I’m known on the paintball field "Lt. Basham", the new on field Leader of the Skyline Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team. I would Like to personally invite you to not only come out and play with us, but to step up and join us.

   The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs is a milsim paintball team that will be raising money for our charity called "The Winchester/Frederick County, VA Bikes For Tykes" through various events. That means you, yes YOU! can join up, and help support the Kids. The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs wants players of all skill levels, but we do not want any "Johnny Ammo Belt" type of player that needs to be the best, spends their time boasting about how great the are, and how many people the shot out of the game.

   We want players that want to have fun, from the beginner to the expert players, we love to take everyone under our wings as we play and work as a team.

    Remember, even if you're unable or dislike the sport of paintball you can still join us as a fellow member and support the "Bikes for Tykes" thru your support for the team. We hope you will join us and our cause so that we can begin to be the change in our communities and the change in kids’ lives. I can not wait to meet you out on the fields!

Christopher "Lt. Basham" Basham

Crystal Landis
Gaggle Event Coordinator

   Hi there! I'm one of the folks that will be helping the team at events by helping to run the events to trying to help sell things like bottles of water to help raise funds to benefit the charities we support. All of the proceeds from our merchandise will be going to the "Bikes for Tykes" charity.

   The main goal for The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs is to help buy bikes for needy children, and we need your support, both on the field and off. I invite you to come to our table when you see our flag and say hi and join the Skyline Gaggle of Noobs to help make this a better place for everyone.

   My husband is a paintball player and that means the other wives of our players should come out and we can help the team have fun, and even spend some time together just having fun. No need to only let our husbands and boyfriends have fun at Skyline Paintball. Right?

Crystal Landis

Mike "Serrecko" March
Co-Founder Of The Gaggle

   Way back in 2008 I helped a guy online build a single clan online gaming team, into a complete Clan Structure of hundreds of online players of "Combat Arms". The online friends that were made there were incredibly fun and I will always remember the fun we had. I give the game credit for saving my life.

   Then Cancer struck me in 2008.

   I eventually got a bunch of real life friends together to play this thing called "Paintball". The Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Team was born and raised at the Skyline Paintball fields in Strasburg, VA. We played almost every other weekend for month after month, and had a great time. We start to raise money to by bikes for the local "Toys for Tots" campaign, and over the next 4 years, bought 300 bikes.

   Then Cancer struck me again in 2014.

   I recovered and the Gaggle sent players to the largest paintball game in the country, which was the "Invasion of Normandy" at Skirmish paintball in Pennsylvania. We were just 4 players in a sea of 4,000 and we had a blast.

  Then Cancer struck me again in 2016.

   This time the cancer is terminal, and I am spending the last few months of my life trying to build a foundation that will continue the work started by the Gaggle of Noobs. I hope over the next few years after I have passed away, the Gaggle is still doing the heavy lifting to make our communities a better place to be.

   The next phase of the Gaggle is not far off. It starts when I take my final breath and merely become a footnote in the history of Skyline Paintball, Winchester and Frederick County and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Mike "Serrecko" March
Please consider joining The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs! Encourage your friends and family to join. It is only $20 for a full year, and almost all of that goes to buying the bikes and ride-on toys we are known for at the Christmas Holiday Season.

2013 Toys For Tots
25 Bikes

2014 Toys For Tots
53 Bikes

2015 Toys For Tots
100 Bikes

2016 Toys For Tots
122 Bikes

If you know Mike March and have an account at NFCU, contact him directly for the chance to just do a Member to Member transfer and save the PayPal charges. IF you are not a member of Navy Federal Credit Union - WHY NOT? and you should join and then contact Mike to make a M2M transfer. But really, you're not a member of Navy Federal? The biggest Credit Union in the WORLD. It's that thing we live on that spins, you should join NFCU.

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"The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs" - Founded: July 3, 2016
"The Gaggle of Noobs" - Founded: August 30, 2008

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