2017 Fund Raising Merchandise

   The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs will always be willing and able to sell team merchandise where the proceeds goes straight to buying bikes and helmets for our Winchester - Frederick County Bikes for Tykes charity.

   We feel our logo, which is trademark protected, simply looks amazing and hope our players and supporters do as well. So we will be putting our logo, which we call "The Flying 'G' Logo", on items that actually are useful.

   What is more useful than a mouse pad? We all use computers, maybe not as much as the old days, meaning about 5 years ago, but for real work getting done, laptops or desktop computers will still be needed for years to come. Might as well dress up that desk top with a great looking "Skyline Gaggle of Noobs Fund Raising Team Mouse Pad".

   Remember not only do you get something nice to look at and that is useful, ALL PROCEEDS go to our fund raising efforts, which is our "Winchester - Frederick County Bikes For Tykes" Christmas Bike Campaign.

   Our fund raising is mainly about buying bikes for children 12 years and younger during Christmas. The Gaggle has been taking part in the local "Toys For Tots" effort since 2013, but wanted to do something that was simply for the Winchester, Frederick County area. We believe this area is large enough for our group to cover and put hundreds of smiles on local children's faces and getting what may be their first bike ever.

   We want to do as much for our local area as we can, and feel we can do a better job for more people if we are restricted to our geographic area. Please help us, help the kids by taking part in our events, or joining the group, and better yet still, buy some of our merchandise and help spread the word.

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2017 Membership
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